Sleidy Herrera, diagnosticada con Enfermedad Rara Ataxia de Friedrich

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  • Hi, I’m writting this because we really need your help, some months ago I met a 38 years old woman FAer from Cuba she ‘s now in a very bad condition and in addition to this the situation of poverty in which she lives makes everything more dificult, what impacted me the most is that even knowing that eating protein every day of any kind ( vegan Or not) for an FAer is crucial for the progretion of the illness , she cant afford it, eating in a healthy and balanced way is important for everybody eaven more important eating every day for an FAer, some days ago I asked for help in a chuch in Cuba but because of the actual situation they couldnt help her much but with that she was able to buy toothpaste, now she has the privilege of having toothpaste but she cant have a toothbrush so she is using her old one, she lives in a country that makes the acces to essencial things like higyenic towels imposdible eaven being able to afford soap is dificult, thank God she lives with her parents that each time are getting older but thank God her sister lives near and is allways looking after her needs but unfortunately it’s not enough, imagine what an FAer of 38 diagnosed at 13 needs, well by now she doesn’t have anything but an old wheelchair, by the moment, her life has been very dificult that is why I am asking you to help her with watever is in your heart with this I’m sending you her address and an account, I’m worried her situation really breaks my heart
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